About Wang Street Journal

I blog about technological trends in the digital economy. I hope my writing can allow myself & readers to see the present better and see the future coming as early as possible.

The inspiration for this blog's theme comes from the post of Balaji called "The Purpose of Technology":

Eliminating the main source of scarcity – namely mortality – is the ultimate purpose of technology. Life extension is the most important thing we can invent. [...] What we haven't done yet is full stack narrative. That is, with a few exceptions, like Elon Musk, we haven't really told story arcs with technological progress at the center. [...] We need to correct that immediately, and start evangelizing technological progress with every word and action.

This blog is an attempt to evangelize technological progress and analyze its impact. The motto that I look up to is "The Truth In Its Proper Use" - an old motto of the Wall Street Journal.

I studied economics, own Bitcoin and work in tech.